"Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode" are additional security services by Visa and MasterCard designed to allow authentication of card holders by their issuing bank during online transactions in order to reduce fraudulent credit card activity and protect card holders.

How does authentication work?

The process of authentication is solely triggered by the bank that issued the card. Depending on your bank, after entering your card details and clicking the "Continue" button, you may be routed through the following steps to complete your transaction:

1. You will be forwarded to an additional information page (hosted by asknet) verifying if you are using a card enabled for authentication; click "Continue"

2. Depending on the issuing bank either an in-line window (hosted by the card issuing bank) appears asking you to enter a unique code that you prior registered with your bank OR, alternatively, an automatic re-direct is performed without the request for additional information. In this case the bank authenticates you directly.

3. When the window "Transaction Complete" is displayed, your purchase was successfully completed.

More information on the service and how to register are available at:

Verified by Visa

MasterCard Secure Code